Lumps Lyrics

?black midi Lyrics

Walk up to failure

Walk up to regret

Walk up to a place

You’ll never forget

the new

To the red paradise of dreams and scars

Arm scars, leg scars, belly scars

The mark of the old country

The old cliche exploitation

always be young

“Welcome to Hell”

She might as well say, as you

Walk up! Walk up!

Walk up on your lunch break

Walk up!

Walk up to see , to see

You still smell of

As you trawl the accounts

Flip through the company books
You can say you rode the coattails of blind chance

But I know that you’re itchin for romance

Another lonely business c**t

The kind that only knows how to the touch

In the boardroom, fish fingers shake hands with the top flight men

Check your balls for lumps and such once they’ve left

What’s that itch?

Is that new?

Is that workin as it’s supposed to?

Am I alive? Is she sleeping with eyes open?

There’s a place for your briefcase

But watch out for the wandering hands

Walk up!
I don’t wanna tell you how to spend your days

on your lunch break

To see God, to see Sweet Jane

To pay for a new name

these things or just get by on work

on break


By the end of the

When catches your eye

She stays quiet

The humiliation is almost complete

Chalk it up to blind faith

Tomorrow on your lunch break

Walk up! WALK UP!

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