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Stressin', killin', need a medic, so depressed but I don't get it
I got money, I got b*t*hes, but the pain is never ending
I ain't happy, it's pathetic
I just smoke and then forget it
Sip some alcohol, and fake a smile
I'll just keep pretending yeah
I just feel so stressed
Baby I just need some rest
So I lay up in my bed
But I'm feeling anxious once again
Ain't nobody text me I'm a ghost
Always question why I have a phone
So nervous and so I stay at home
Antisocial I'm just feeling so alone
And if I said I'm fine what would you believe
I just wanna find the day that I'm at peace
I don't even know when that will ever be
I'm just filled with all this doubt and pain
But I can still dream
I can still dream, right
I can still, dream

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