Lost @ 3 Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

I used to fantasize bout traveling space and time
On the road as I put everything on the line
Seeing fans shaking hands and blowing they minds
I see them cry bout the person that they idolize
But I rewind so I take it back
I'm so attached to the music when I'm in it I would snap
Like I'm stuck in a trap with my hands clapped tied down
Nobody ever sees me in the lab making rounds
I'm dream chasing addicted I need patience
I'm stuck in between being unseen and being hated
I'm Running round all the races
Waking up killing stages
Surprised cause everyone telling me my lyrics save them
But I don't know if I try to
Cause what if there's a time when everybody would eye you
Would I be a target
Would I be gone over nonsense
Or Instagram likes while they taking a prophet

I've been lost so long now I'm stuck in overdrive
Racking over my brain to make up a simple line
Thinking about meeting everyone who said I'm saving lives
Talking and getting to know them from a deeper side
Everyone be swithcing when they get recognition
But me I do it for them fans that I got out of spitting
From the Bay to U.K
L.A. to Paraguay
What if I can't live up to the hype train right away
It's like I'm feeling the pressure
Like I'm in game 6 but they out for my neck um
Why is it people with batteries in your back
The ones who take it out of you when you kill opening acts it's like
Nowadays I can't tell who really rock with the team
Or want me up in a cell
Who wanting me to succeed
Or want me living in hell
But f**k it I'm better doing everything by myself

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