Long Lost John Lyrics

?The Everly Brothers Lyrics

The funniest sight I ever did see
Was a-long lost John from Bowlin' Green
He had no shoes for to cover his feet
Beggin’ the women for his bread and meat

One woman said "Get away from here John
For to take my broom and hurry you on"
He's a long gone
Where did he go?
Boogied his a-way to Mexico

One woman said, "John what'd please you?"
John said, "Why dear I thought you knew
In the morning I want a leg of lamb
Forty-nine kisses and a hock of ham;
Tomorrow evening when the sun goes down
Don't fix a thing ‘cause I won’t be 'round"
He long gone
Where did he go?
He boogied his a-way to Mexico

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