Locomotive (Prod. Idealism) Lyrics

?idealism Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’m Locomotive, you locals
Need to get back from this loco
A Spark from the charcoal
Leave you to rot on the soil
Speak with the blood boil
You get cooked with the oil
Either that or get cut with the hoyo
Goals leave the grave stones stack
Ya’ll can get blind with a bat
All cursive words end up back
Drawn point blank on your back
Leaving a line flowing down Like a stat
Permanent on you all the time like a tat
2 links from the past
Ain’t a game if I pa**ed
Through this ink
From my pad I can always laugh
Home is as
Elegant as golden flask
But what is in?
If you ask
Open it is surely task;
All the pain from the past

Verse 2:
F**k that I’m the hangover
I’ll leave you hanged over
The top of the balcony
And let you hit a Range Rover
It’s strange giving you a game over
Reheal you and let you start the pain over
Again wearing clothes with the stain over
Launch you into space with the rovers
Grab their collected rocks and throw them over
The side your head
Till it gets dent like a cent
Till the point where my nose gets numb to your sent

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