Lights Out (The Omen) Lyrics

Xaphoon Jones Lyrics

I be in the zone
Leave me the f**k alone
DJ is my home
Mom did the pa**ion
Dad, a rolling stone
Now I'm fly all over
You already know
I should get high
For some reason I don't
Keep going off
'Till somebody put me on
Barely fitting in
So far gone
Gotta train my hardest
Got a tendency to roam
It smells like it's loyalty
So now I'm on my own
Running this, oak tree
Sean f**king Combs
Imma keep it real
'Till I'm a box full of bones
Y'all on that bull
Stop for the homies
Used to wish upon stars
But that was getting old
Sipping off that smiley face
Bro keep it cold
Whatcha gonna do
When the room gets cold
I'm a light skin demon
I come for your skull

It's lights out
It's lights out
It's lights out
It's lights out

Let me hear that back

Young Roman
Call that sh*t the homie
Made a golden bat
Out of all your self-loathing
Locksmith pro
I got your girl open
Come from both sides
The hoe call me Logan
Ransom my duty
Modern Warfare scoping
Say my name
Ali in a ocean
Lean on the beat
Your boy coasting
And I want it all
Forever more focused
'Bout to go pop
Shake up the status
'Bout to go pro
N***a I'm grownish
Sleep on me
Not one moment
I got that voice
And the flow so potent
Yo he be the opiate
Watch your seratonin
Keep your eyes on the flow
When I go in
You can have this one
Keep it as a token
Vibes to the reaper
Appreciate the notion

It's lights out
It's lights out
It's lights out
It's lights out

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