Let Me Just Remind You Lyrics

X-el Lyrics

Testing, testing
X-el are you there?
If hear this people have been doubting you
Saying, "You'll never make it in this game" please you need to respond, X-el come in!

Let me just remind you, I can do anything I put my mind too
Do not take what I say lightly I may be your next rivalry in this game we seek I can do what I want even under the weather i'm so sick with it *Cough* i'm so sick witted my mind is so damn committed let me just transmit my thoughts so you know i'm a misfit, ha, b*t*h you just did it you just bring it out in me so you can take that off your f**king wish list! HA!

X-el i'm getting word now
To them you are not creative enough, i repeat you are not creative enough

Let me just remind you my lyrics are so sharp I can kill a f**king shark above and under water do not try and repeat me that would just be slaughter to the mouth, i'm your new dentist and I just pulled your f**king teeth out through your f**king ear ca*** now you hear my grind, Ooo what pearly whites you have them f**kers shine
They kind of remind me of the future that i've got me against you is like Eminem vs Papa Doc! HA!

Alex, these females need you, they are starting to lose hope because of their boyfriends who disrespect them...
They don't know what love is!

Let me just remind you It's X-el in this sh*t, It's X-el in this b*t*h, I excel with this d**k I XLd with your chick ripped the Tojan wrapper down and i'm a rapper now around the town the people know this!
Keep your mind straight and your eyeballs focused I want you to see me kiss the girl you called your b*t*h!
That's why shes out with me right now cuz you called her b*t*h you showed her no respect so now you're the b*t*h! Ha!

Great work, everything is all good down here
Awesome job X-el!
I'll see you soon!

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