Let ’Em Off Lyrics

Xklusive Lyrics

How The F**k Are You A Gangsta
If You Never On The Block?
How The F**k Are You A Gangsta
If You Never Held A Glock
Load Your Guns Up
Let 'Em Off - Let 'Em Off
Load Your Guns Up
Let 'Em Off - Let 'Em Off

Let Me Tell You Somethin'
Bout The Block That I'm From
Death Will Come F**k The Cops
Homie I'm Loadin' Up Slugs
Stay On The Watch Cause Its Hot
When You Stuck In The Slums
Body Baggin' Muthaf**ker
That Be Bumpin' His Gums
Now Tell Me
Who Wants To Get Hectic
Flow & Respect It
What Hood You Got Credit?
Still Steppin' With A Deadly Weapon
Hanging With My Felons
Asking For A Case
Now She's Hanging With The Fellas
Whole Lot Of Haters
But I'm Focused On My Paper
Maybe If You Pay Me
I Will Make You Something Major
Spit Mean 16's
Aim To End Your Career
Turn It Up A Lil Bit
This Is Something To Hear
What You Talkin Bout Homie?
You Ain't Nothin' To Fear
You F**king With The Business
I'm Just Making It Clear
Glocks Get Popped
Then You Get Stuffed In A Box
Cut From A Different Cloth
Cause Gangsta You Not

Man I Put It On The Set That I Rep
My Click Bout It
Its K's Up & Hoes Down
Don't Ever Doubt It
See I Ain't Like These Other Rappers Around
Talking Bout What They Seen
Man They Phonie As Hell
Do Dirt - Get Caught
Then Thrown In A Cell
Having Second Thoughts
So These Cowards Snitching & Tell
How You Claim You A Gangsta?
Never On The Block
Talk About Pretend Glocks
Man You A W***sta
Sh*t, X Known To Bring Them Heat Rocks
Blowing On Kush
Getting So High That My Ears Pop
Knowledge From The Streets
Told Me What I'm Suppose To Know
Roll With A Toaster
Nose Long Like Pinocchio
Man These Fools Pushed Me Over The Edge
So F**k What I Said
I'm Have To Show 'Em Instead
I'm Out For The Bread
Spittin' Flows
Known To Make Your B*t*h Jock
Givin' The D**k
She Give You Kiss Like A B*t*h Huh?

You Went To Jail
For Some Bullsh*t Case
Came Out Actin' Tough
The Little Homies Had To Regulate
A Bunch Of Tattoos
That Don't Mean sh*t
A Lil Liquor In Your System
You Go Set Trip
What You Know About Kidnaps?
Money We Get Fast
Killas We Live Fast
Expensive Clothing
Still Down To Peel Caps
I Been Surrounded
By The F.B.I.'s Most Wanted
D.E.A. Kickin' In The Door
5 In The Mornin'
My B*t*h Layin' In The Bed
Naked Next To Me
Laser Beams Looking For Methamphetamines
We Rap About It
We Live It All
Sucios Flip Cash
Yeah We Gettin' Broads
Your Ex-Girl, Your New Girl
And Your Baby's Moms
Crazy Thoughts
Crazy Raw
We A Crazy Mob
I Give A F**k
What These New Rappers Think About Me
I Make Moves
To Have These Old Rappers
Speakin' Bout Me
King Enemy Remember The Name Boy
My Mexican Flag On
I'm Changing The Game Boy

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