Leggezin Fin & The Reverend William Burk Lyrics

60 Second Assassin Lyrics

"Take the sword!"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword!"
"You Wu-Tang..."

Yo... here come the enemy
And what stands, and we will take...
For sure, the Lion of Judah stands within the way
Ready for the voices, to call out the other
Beware of the storm...

Our opponents upon the threat with the mighty Gigantor
I'm rippin' this sh*t to pieces like Skeletor
The editor, senator of all rap, compet**ors
Get this job done on the mic quicker than --
Financial or power, I attack with the sunshower
Get the new pres', the taste of God's power
Raining for forty days, burning for forty nights
Meteoroligists don't even pick up from the satelline
Coming a catastrophe, death of another M.C
Killed by the legendary G-O-D, as in me
Now rest in peace, six feet beneath, subconsciously
Periodically, and wake up and be somebody
I swam the shores and cause the laws and I recall
The rise and fall, but now see I walk tall
Never needed a slugger, my rapping's like the mugging
I rough up then tough up, I leave your sh*t left for supper
Hush up your busted, you can't be trusted
Give me a break out there, foolin' the puppet
On with the subject, cuz I'm tired of hearing this rubbish
Now get your stinking breath off the mic

"I have nothing but admiration for having foreseen the attack"

*Leggezin Fin rappin' in foreign language*

We had 30 years of war, live hardcore
For our souls through the sky, alotta soldiers died
You can't ever be denied when, words are only option
Before you close an eye, guarantee you'll be poppin
Ninety-nine percent, muthaf**kas straight dropping
Leaders get starting, AK's, ASK's
With the magazine that say, real Leggezin
Aiyo, that's what I mean, people pray for the day
Of a good well being, man cry in your genes
If you steppin' cleans, enemies gettin' low
So he spy enemies, gather fake sh*t, counterfeit
Try to make a profit, still I crimes up for the rise
To the market, so many people starving, die for nothing
I bring you little something, keep the streets bumping
Love forever

"Take the sword!"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword!"
"I have nothing but admiration for having foreseen the attack"
"You Wu-Tang..."

Who serving us? The Knights is superb with this
We lyrical murderers, your nervousness got you shaking like turbulence
The game need nourishment, so we came to nourish it
Give you lames encouragement, just the name get perished quick
Black Knights, we far from good samaritans
Keep the crowd rocking, you keep 'em nodding like heroine
In the veins of an addict, disrespect, brains'll get splattered
You strained from being subtracted, inflicting pain is a habit
Killa Cali mentality, rob & sell drugs for a salary
N***as can't handle me, bring static like Channel 3
On the M-I-C, or on the streets leave you like Can it Be
You got served by my first verse, for living in a fantasy
Yessir, like my n***a Pharell, for real
N***as get killed, Black Knights, we destroy then build

Yeah, I make it all seem so simple
Rock the mic with my quintessential, fundamental
Killing them off, Christbearer the boss
The young Rick Ross on the freeway, yeah
I see the rats run the relay
Yeah, the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, the DEA
Yeah, Christbearer, he say
And he's an O.G. when he flex it, like it's suppose to be
The freestyle champ, keep it amped
Then, nobody in the camp gets served
When I swerve, Christbearer the king, I bring
The, fire, the rain, I touch 'em, insane
So psycho, yeah, I'm in the PJ's
In the projects, I go, insane

Monk spit fact not fiction, my written is too forbidden
It be touched, to even bitten, you wack n***as submitting
Spit darts, rap it so accurate, pierce right through your hollow bones
Graphic clones, couldn't see me on the microphone
Pen and pad, line for line, bar for bar, you take a choice
Your courage is flattering, but your need couldn't come close
To the Rugged M-O-N-K, vivid lyrical wordplay
Display a chamber of rhymes, you couldn't match on your best day
I leave that a** wet like a dolphin, laid in a coffin
Compton's where I come from, and sh*t happen's often
What you know about a n***a dying, for natural causes
He got, hit in his neck, now that's natural for flossing
Even my girl say I'm stuck in my ways
Ever since back in the days, been thugging, dumping with K's
And I'm still at it, still slinging, word to them crack addicts
Still acting, still quick to keep the beef cracking

My dosage of murder is a movie
3000 Miles to Graceland, alotta gun clapping, man
Chicks say Dre Street, the last man, specialist, man
I represents a crime family, nominated for Grammy's
Brooklyn Zu, up in the casino, chips like Bingo
Flights to Reno, my team's 'source' like Benzino
You 'supreme', we got 'clientele', more kings in jail
We so dangerous, we don't get bail
Judge wanna, let me rot in the cell
I got to escape like Alcatraz, I be on the run like Ol' Dirty Bast'
With a suitcase full of cash, royalties ever stash
And I got dough from paid shows
Like uptown, and Tonight at the Apollo
Dre Street, a tough act to follow, jumped out the Silverado
F**k the fifty talent, ahh, bullets flying through the air
Like spirals on a football, like it was thrown by Brett Favre

"Take the sword!"

You should pray that I climb the ladder, instead of waving the wand
Having to abracadabra, he is no longer with us
I couldn't be any gladder, like the kid on Christmas
Who couldn't be any badder, got everything that I asked for
Including the six shooter, gloves with the hat and mask
And you was giving it up so, no reason to ask
And we be living it up, future, present and past
A bit of pimp in my strut, make it like I got cla**
Wine in the wine gla**, fine b*t*h with a fine a**
And her friend too, the evil that men do
Just cuz I got cash, will I figure I take two
Or maybe three of those, how we treat them hoes

"Take the sword!"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword!"
"You Wu-Tang..."

One hundred men co-operate to save ten lives
And ten men save one life and death
That has always been the way of the 108 Dragons

Take your plan back to the drawing board, sharpen your sword
Give your soul back to the church, son, give it back to the lord
Take your plan back to the drawing board, sharpen your sword
Give your soul back to the church, give it back to the lord
You playing with them rooks, knights, bishops, kings
Queens, bishops, knights, rooks
Knowledge equal pawns, frontlines, jagged hooks
Gold shields, illest crooks for the boldest juks
We eating soul food, cooked good, now what's it shook
It took for one to see the pork without the pieces on it
It takes for one to grab the cross as if it's Jesus on it
It take for one to see the poor pit with the preacher's on it
It take for one to hear the system with no speakers on it
And still know that it's all there with the features on it
Like them Cadillacs with woofers and them tweeters on it
We in stadiums, the floors and the bleachers want it
In high school I even had my women teachers on it

We keep diamonds in small packets like sunflower seeds
When my Glock get a cold, it throws a gunpowder sneeze
Achoo, blow a fever at you non believers
I bet your cornerback won't intercept the receiver
Of this hundred meter bullet, trigger pull back when I pull it
A quarter inch, I clear the whole bench, I clear the whole field
And the building, your boy Bobby Steels been
Trapped in the projects, playing spades with the pilgrims
Now I"m back on O-R, aiyo, pa
The Glock goes pop pop, now it's back tok the Alamo

"I have nothing but admiration for having foreseen the attack, now
Because of it..."
"Take the sword!"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword"

When a man wants to attract the female
The best way is to apply a musk perfume
But when a man uses a musk perfume
There are two important things he must be aware of
One; is that he will get the woman he wants
Even if she woudln't ordinarily succ*mb to his charms
The other is that his own special odor, his body's natural smell
Will change...
The very demon of revenge seeks divine guidance?
Haha, do you really think you can absolve yourself from sin?
By sculpting, stupid little toys?
Who-ho, now that's some sh*t you don't see everyday
You've fallen so far, coward
I've been watching you, can you even raise your sword?
Against another, where's the cold blooded killer, you once were
Do you no longer have the stomach to fight?
Will you remain a coward, even as your father suffers?
Oh, now, that just ain't nice
You don't have to listen to that sh*t
And you have such a long long way to go
To save your poor tortured father
I've almost revived his rotten bones
Oh he will live again, to feel pain
To suffer, and you don't even have the number two headband yet
So I have a few more days, or maybe even weeks
To enjoy your father's pain
Before you even have the right to challenge me

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