Lazarus Pit Lyrics

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"'Pulse is bad, he can't fake that'
'We must take him to the Lazarus Pit'"

I'm tryna stack the plate with the mozzarella
We moving like the modern-day Rockefeller's
But you'll never see this empire fall
Before it happens I'll get a match and set fire to it all
I'm too addicted but I fight through withdrawals
See the brighter side of life and start to like all my flaws
Get retired with a shot, I'm the new Blade Runner
Got supplies in the stock like a doomsday bunker
If the squad pulling up we doing Wu-Tang numbers
Traumatized when I was young, I got that Bruce Wayne hunger
It's like I'll never have enough, and everything was adding up to this
At my death I'm resurrected from the Lazarus Pit
Come back with a vengeance till my master submits
And see a student pa** the teacher in a battle of wits
But no this ain't a '80s movie, with a training montage
And I don't wanna say it loosely but I'm way beyond God
Praying for my downfall, while I'm preying on y'all
Apex, it ain't safe till I make the call
Got me feeling like I'm Jay they playing basic ball
But I'ma take it past eight I'm like 80 feet tall, awh

KWG, yeah, ay you know what it is
Ooh, welcome to my Lazarus Pit
Sin City, I been through every crack on the strip
Thinking I should ask Eve to sign the apple she bit
That got these hoes on the blade like, tactical grip
This sh*t crazy, but I've seen worse, in my latter years
Thoroughbred n***a, you could feel it in the atmosphere
Used to get ignored, the one they marginalized
Now I'm talking money with Chase like, the card was declined
It's Space Ghost, street legend, Karlton Hines
I'm the king, you Justin Timberlake, borrowing time
Look, I know you hear them footsteps, the walls closing in
Got you shaking like, you having withdrawals, don't pretend
I could see it, it's all in ya' face, awful mistake
The Loch Ness, lost in the lake, talking to snakes
Was taught you keep ya' enemies as close as ya' strap
They hiding from me but I know where they at, motherf**ker

Hold that up, who need to be clean f**k
F**k you up for talking tough, what you mean bruh?
Ay, just a lunatic with a crucifix
Stupid lit, world in my hands what should I do wit' it?
Yeah, this that motherf**king f**k what you saying in ya' raps pull up to ya' crib and kill ya' cat sh*t
F**k riding a beat, acapella what you got on me?
Raps full of sipping Heen but, what does it really mean?
A bunch of cats standing for nothing because they fronting
Want the glamour lifestyle before they carry any substance
I been bumping, since '09, don't know why, I'm so fly
But these Chase Moore beats make me sound so fly
Ay, b*t*h I'm next level you rappers still watching boats dry
Maybe if I hop on your track, you'll get your hopes high
This cold outlook just transcended from my old life
So it ain't personal if I something 'bout your raps don't flow right
You f**king clowns need to find your circus
In the meanwhile I retire to rewire circuits
I see smiles from freestyles I spit 'cause I stay working
You're in denial 'cause I be wild might leave town for certain

I peek out the curtain, eat out a virgin
I freak out I'm burning, priests out the churches
You can't hear a word, if I leave out the cursing
My trees loud, I'm looking for a greenhouse to purchase
I'm back now, too much pride I can't back down
Whole squad strapped now, avoiding lines doing pat-downs
Putting weed in a trash bag, till it's packed down
I black out, on the beat, as soon as it's tracked out
I outshine clowns in my downtime
Hopefully we see you out without shine, if not
It's chow time, the plot, is outlined, get cops, and one-time
My sh*t block the sunlight my spit got them tongue-tied
All my friends and fam have been locked and done time
Tryna be positive like a bloodline
At the end of my rope with my knots, untied
I'm the top, alumni, all I need is one mic

"'We've killed him'
'No, all is well'"

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