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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sunland, Dixie Court, 8th Ave, and Dillard
The Guves, Parkway, Tatertown, Driftwood
Westwood, Royal Palm , Franklin and Money Lane

Young n***as get guap "get guap"
Young n***as slang rocks "slang rocks"
Young n***as tote Glocks "tote Glocks"
Dumb n***as gets shot "get shot"
Young broke n***as duffle up
State to State, dropping they racks in the mouth
Strip club 54 throwing ones
In this b*t*h chewing they lil mup

Pop pills, no flockin
Cause that sh*t turning n***as into zombies
I done seen homies turning on they homies
I done seen n***as steal from they momma
All for that money
We living in a jungle
So my n***as takin chances
Cause it's f**k being humble
Bow my head, say a prayer for my n***as dead and gone
Grab my paper, pen and pencil, write my dawgs up the road
Cause u never know; it could've been me, it could've been you
It could've been me
In my city, sh*t gets hectic
In my city, you don't get a chance to make it
In my city, everybody out here hustlin'
In my city, them Jackboys go lurkin'

Lay em out, strecteched out
Masked up, where that sack
Take that weed and left the what
Where's the money and the drugs
Check boys, poke and duffle
Money look like spoiled mustard
Forgiatos, wet paint, fully loaded on a foreign
Young hustlas juggin for it, hittin' houses, snatchin' jewelry
Grand Thefts and B&E's cause they out here tryna get it
Juggmans sellin' packs, got California kush connects
Plugs from Quebec and they really bout they bread
Or they takin' off ya head
Not ya arms and not ya legs
The block hot, n***as opps and now they workin with for cops
His face dirty, he need a napkin but that still won't clean it up
He a rat, Ratatouille
Down here we wack them rats with a tooly
He got hit with a 3pc
La La Laaaa

Left the n***a stankin'
Dead Flies , he ain't playin'
First 48 investigation
The cause of the death cause that n***a was an informant
Closed case, man its just another day
Young n***as out here wilding like some Bebe's Kids
Like some Bebe's Kids
Young n***a out here wilding like some Bebe's Kids
Sh*t gets real in the 'Dale
Go hard or go home and don't come back round here/
I know some lil n***as dat a do you in
I know some lil n***as dat done touched a hunnid Bands
My n***a that's hoodrich, my n***a, my n***a that hood rich
But now it's time to get them f**king m's
No silver spoons, man we all ain't have with sh*t
Everybody got the same dream and that's to get rich
Everybody tryna jugg, pop checks or hit licks
Can't blame a n***a hustle
Gotta get it how you live

Get it How you live
Can't blame a n***a hustle
Gotta get it how you live

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