Lathom Lyrics

Qasas Lyrics

The worlds a f**kin disaster
But that’s the way that it goes
Sometimes im one that their after
And other days they’re my bros
I learned to love for the people
That later left me alone
I slept on couches in bandos
And that’s the place I called home

Lets take a back a bit
I must been like seven years old
Watching my father just drinking
And always taking control
He used to go for my mother
Or pick on me on my own
And yet the rest of my brothers
Still to this day never known

So by the time I was twelve
I’m told its fine and be glad
Because the man who would hurt you
He isn’t even your dad
I had no friends cuz of Movin
We never stayed in one place
The life at home wasn't soothin
Because of hits to the face

I found my love through the music
And My godfather believed
That if my soul could just use it
Theres nothing I can't achieve
So I began to make songs
For the only one by my side
It never lasted for long
I held em close till he died

But I found love through the worst
She was my reason to live
I still write bout her in verses
Because its all I can give
Soon separated by oceans
And couple miles in-between
Until the love became broken
And all the hope was a dream

Two years im drunk and im Smokin
Im Makin money from weed
Got beaten down by the people
Who needed internet beef
My mum was living with cancer
But put her blame onto me
I turned to love for the answer
And that just made my wrist bleed

Made friends I have like I say
The only ones by my side
We smoked a pound by the day
And wore the ski masks by night
Violence at home became worst
I made the choice to move out
So then I spat my first verse
Whilst livin on my friends couch

I tried to act like the city
And started changing my voice
I still regret the decision
And still regrettin the choice
I met someone and they noticed
They told me be how you’re raised
Went back to how I had spoken
But everyone called it fake

She had a son by the summer
Just when her life became harder
Because the dad never loved her
And she called me the godfather
Two years apart from the day
That I lost mine in a night
I kept the hope when I prayed
And kept my sister beside

I tried to kill myself quickly
And yet I still feel the pain
So now the mask is my image
And my stories are the name
So if my musics remembered
Just know in life they would doubt
In a whole world of pretenders
There is no easy way out…..

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