LaMafiamilia Lyrics

?eLVy The God Lyrics

Free Speedy Gang
Free Lil Will, ayy
Free JoJo

I'm in the dirty deepest part of the streets
Where gun sounds be disturbing the peace
These n***as know that we ain't keepin' the peace
That Smith & Wesson sweep him right off his feet, hey
I'm a hitter like Sonny
Red tips rippin' straight through your tummy
Have the medics wrap you up like a mummy
Free my goonies, we was out gettin' money
We the mafia b*t*h
And soon to come out, be the god of this sh*t
No I can't stop with this sh*t
You can hate me all you want lil b*t*h
Just 'cause you say you with it
That don't mean that you can bang with the clique
These n***as they not in the field
I see it in they eyes, they all counterfeit
I'm ridin' 'round with your b*t*h in the coupe
She suckin' my d**k like she slurpin' on soup
She say she love me but that ain't nothin' new
The way you feel for me I don't feel for you, nah
Mind so cold like an icebox
Me and the goonies be in the field on night watch
I pop up, aim at your dreads and your flat top
Man down, that's a murder on your block
Broad day, you hear a whole lot of gunshots
You ain't with it buddy, you soft like a gumdrop
See it in him, he ain't finna let the gun pop
Hold on, listen pay close attention
Pu**y n***a this the family business
So you can't hang if you ain't handlin' business
You better ride when it's that time for a mission
Nah we ain't missin', we gon' blow out your vision
Bro leave him dirty like a sink full of dishes
I'm in the cots trappin' out of the kitchen
With thirty-three on me like I'm Scottie Pippen
I be skippin' b*t*hes, yeah I be pimpin'
Don't be mad at your chick 'cause she be grippin' on me
If you want a verse I need me a fee
Sh*t ain't free, yeah it be hard in these streets
I go dumb, I'm a retard on the beat
They tell me eLVy you the god, I told 'em I already know
I ain't no king but I'm takin' over the throne
The devil tryna talk but I told him leave me alone
He keep tryna test my patience and knock me out of my zone
But he can't, 'cause I be feelin' myself
I feel like I'm hotter than hell
Don't try to offer me nothin'
I'm sorry, my soul ain't for sale
I keep the poles too, I don't ask for no help
Come to the hood and come and see for yourself
Don't be dissin' on me 'cause it's bad for your health
I spit that heat up on the track 'til it melt
I was brought to this earth by myself so I'ma leave this b*t*h by myself
Feel like a champ, I need me a belt
They know I'ma ball, they just wanna see a young n***a fall
Yeah they know I'ma ball, I'ma show these n***as I need it all

I'ma show these n***as I need it all
​eLVy the God
Free all the goonies man
Free 6 man

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