Kylee Krozz Lyrics

?falls Lyrics

If I want ya
I'ma get ya
Got me lunging at ya
Got ya where I want ya in my game and I'm the dungeon master
Ain't no limit
To the force that I use when I capture
Baby rabbits in my trap then rip them up like antic fabric
All I wanna do is show ya how amazing you could have it
Rozz is in effect
Pin you by the neck and call it enchantment
Burning angel
Burning angel
Baby with a burning pa**ion
Game wrapped up in beautiful folds
Everything I do vulvatic
Catalytic Spazmalytic
Rozzy got it going get it
Most consistence since existence
All I do is f**king kill it
Pose and hold it for a moment
Moments slowly turn to minutes
Minutes turn to days when hazy chapters of my book get written

Kylee Krozz
Kylee Krozz
The one true burning angel this side of heaven now
Let me see where you're headed now

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