Kountafittas Lyrics

57th Street Rogue Dog Villians Lyrics

Who's this? What’s this?

What's this? Who's this?

In 86, I was screaming 56
cause it’s the same gang, same thing we still bang
Whatever it takes to maintain, rap game
Villain n***as been
The big dog, y'all know me
On my grind hustling hard, war
Anything for my villains n***a, bust that n***a
rob that n***a, all in the name of
Killing them in this rap game
F**k the fame, chasing chedder

Had to flip the script
B*t*h n***as in the 56

ruggid and roaggesh
like a true soldier
I need a piece n***a
Everytime you speak like a real killer
hit you
These hog n***as droppin the dogs on the countafittaz
That n***a Bakarii known to break 'em off
Kick 'em off, make 'em cauf cause I'm boss hoss

Smoking 2002
Use my tool
And I refuse
To let you glammerise this
Real life rogue dog villain mob sh*t

Who's this? What's this?

What’s this? Who’s this?

ain't gon kill nothing, ain’t gon let nothing die
banging, ain't nothing but a ly
While I was posted on the spot, with the thugs giving work
You was somewhere selling fries,
N***as talking bout , they just sound like us
F**king with the 56 villains, might get yourself f**ked up
We gon bust , these n***as won't do sh*t
looking like a b*t*h
We got you n***as
This sh*t that we poppin
What's poppin?
So you b*t*h n***as be boring, real n***as coming to get you
T-Will is bringing harm, to you fakes and countafittaz

off in this game today
evil place
What can I say b*t*h a** n***a
a** n***a
studio with
B*t*h what this all about?
Running your mouth, talking about
Ain’t you killed nothing, scared the wholemob n***as
You just a countafitta

did not know

Tryna get
Up in the middle
Your sh*t might sound a bit counterfeit
and I'm down to hit
Acting like you gang bang, you ain't never gang banged
In the midst of slang
main frame
Slang pain, can't hang, your sh*t is chain gang
these punks
beat 'em down
Kill 'em with them villains

Gang bang to
rap game, make a million
rappin today
n***as say
I talk about f**king and drinking liquor because
that's the differents between me and you counterfitaz

Who's this? What's this?

What's this? Who's this?

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