Keep Dancing Lyrics

8TMG x OBS Lyrics

Yeah yeah
Lets go
Amma work yo body down
She dancing

Girl turnup, get you burning now
Can't get enough, but ima stare it out
And ima do this sh*t right, and ima do yo body all night
Get you right girl, it's all right
Girl lay right in my bed, girl ima play all in your head
Girl once i get in this bed, we gon' do the sh*t
Am staring this sh*t out
And we can turn this sh*t out
Girl i know you wanna f**k
Ima make you moan, girl this your favorite song
Girl i got you in yo zone

Get you bent over me
Get naked
And ima turn up, girl you know im gonna take it
So won't you lay right there, get ready
Ima put it on you
Girl twerk that body, girl twerk that body
Keep dancing x4
Cause ima make you rain like this confetti
And ima put it on you my baby
So turn up

Girl ima work my way upstairs
We can do that sh*t up there
And ima have you screaming yeah
Oh yeah, right there
Cause that's the way you like it
The way you get the d**k up please don't fight it
Cause girl ima have you cryin'
And girl ima have you runnin'
Am coming, get patient
Girl am waiting, keep waiting
Turn it up
Ima stare it out
And gimme brain now
Can't get enough

So turn up, don't turn down
Am gon' teach you, come here and learn now
Now f**k them lame n***as, cause it's my turn now
So many n***as ran through shawty like a touch down
Turn up, skinny n***a big d**k hope i don't hurt ya
Am smoking purple, with a bad b*t*h and she naked
Get it up, because you aching
Put it down like the basement
Twerk that body x2
Keep dancing x2
Yeah, yeah
Twerk that body
Don't give a f**k who your badness
Let me tell you what the plan is

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