Judgement day – xplicit album version Lyrics

Xzibit Lyrics

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You can turn your back and then walk away

Soon be comin' the Judgement Day

I know you're fed up, feel like you can't get up
Have faith, stay strong, keep your head up
Yo, it only gets worse, we in a world
Where your status and your bank account determine your worth
There's no time to rehearse, the clock been tickin'
Because we all started dyin' at birth, I speak the truth and it hurts
It felt like I was dyin' of thirst
'Til I was blessed with my voice, I move mountains with verse
The worst thing you ever seen in your life, 'The Pa**ion of Christ'
Pregnant chicks buyin' rock, hittin' the pipe
It ain't like, I ain't tried to tell ya, misery love company
Keepin' the wrong company brings failure
'Cause people use people like paraphernalia
With a scam, with a scheme, with a dream to sell ya
But I ain't got nothin' but love for all my soldiers and thugs
To all of my women, we gotta keep livin', come on
You can turn your back and then walk away

Soon be comin' the Judgement Day

Yeah, come on, Mr. X to the Z had to raise the stakes
Had to touch my people like T.D. Jakes
On the ground like a n***a flippin' crumbs to cake
I won't stop like an eighteen wheeler with no brakes
Bein' dipped in here on so each CD's weight
N***as be fake, they speak what they can't create
You won't, see me break, I'm built for a tough frame
One-eighty-five and I'm still on huff
I was only 15, tryin' to pa** that rock
Never got caught, just sat down, collected my thoughts
This is bullsh*t, I ain't got a plane or a boat
I'm just another n***a sellin' some coke, you know?
Had to grab life right by the throat, murder I wrote
My callin' for ballin' wasn't pedalin' dope
It was oversea convoys, bangin' out cuts
No police or government agency lockin' me up, so what?
You can turn your back and then walk away

Come on, soon be comin' the Judgement Day

What do you believe in? I believe in karma
And that fo'-five to drop that drama
Can't wait for the time when I meet my maker
Picture everlastin' life in Jamaica, time to wake up
Watch your thoughts, your thoughts become words
Your words become actions when the bullsh*t happens
Keep laughin', that's when the gauge start clackin'
Feel the buckshots smackin', have your body mismatchin'
Yo, I feel the devil tryin' to force my hand
Steady bringin' out the soldier in a peaceful man
See I was born to be all that I can, without a uncle named Sam
As you can see we just a part of his plan
'Cause first there was a war on blacks
And then there was a war on crack, now it's war in Iraq, come on
I never give up, I only give back
I ain't preachin' I'm just statin' the facts so let the choir sing
You can turn your back and then walk away

Soon be comin' the Judgement Day

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