$ilkMoney Lyrics

I said I'm Jodeci, come roll with me
Lemme use your keys, let's hit some swishers
F**k some hoes in the backseat
I'mma cheat on you, and beat on you
But you know we be true
Let's sip some Alizé, while you rock them clothes I steal for you
Them blue bottoms, you must be crippin' boo, your feelings blue
You boo hoo hoo to the dude that's hittin' you, and I listen too
But to be true, you so damn misconstrued, you missin' clues
You ask me who these condoms for, I say boo they for you
But that's fugaze, you knew, but there you lay, it's cool you say
Cos she want me to stay because you know you
We do .5 at the moo moo, can't ever eat that Chick-Fil-A
You get a strawberry shake, we go to your place, she in my face and wanna shake
And I say bae, not today
I'm Jodeci, come roll with me fo' sho
Stay here and watch these kids while I go out and kick in doors
I cheat on you, it's cool, you cheat on me, you gotta go
'cause I said I'm Jodeci, but Jodi don't love you no more, aye

I said I'm Jodeci, come roll with me x3

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