Jobless Lyrics

Quakers Lyrics

Turn it up
Turn it up, uh
Turn it up
Turn it up
Turn it up, uh
Turn my sh*t up

The diabolical that chronicle every move
I'm out here like I got everything to prove
Buster Douglas fighting, nothing to lose
In between needles and grooves, I write songs in twos
, settle between relaxed and smooth
Me sweating, just a tenth of my max of what I do
Better known blacker than life track
A cruel true meaning of a comeback
Although I came from losing semen, I did that
Success at the highest level, as my pen bleeds to wax
Soul embellishes through betterment
Right now I'm better than any vibe, freshman lettering
tell her friend can't download this type of cool, I'm some type of fool
'Cause if you been through what I been through, you woulda been through
Brother I continued
There ain't nothing but being stagnated
Only man in this world misunderstood and hated at the same time
Selfless intentions get twisted in a sink full of dishes
Start cleaning the dirty kitchen in a home I don't even own
Sticky situation, this is mental masturbation
Grey-matter flaccid tragic, eyes-closed driver not crashing
Thrashing on a loony with five on him
Looking at me, ready to get like
Survive in this belly of a beast at a telly, with a freak on my beat
And they way I go I got her ripping through sheets, in the crazy positions
She says I'm what she's been missing, the rest got her burning when she p*ssing
Out of my zone now, for you get it
If you didn't go back with a better intention
We bonding, listen

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