Jiggy Mf Lyrics

8Father Lyrics

Jiggy mf I might pull up with a semi
Talk about my name but these n***as do not know me
Go and get a check then I pa** it like Ginobli
Now these b*t*hes want me but they lost out on a trophy
B*t*h I'm jiggy, now I’m jiggy
I maneuver through the money like a sailor
Who dat n***a he so jiggy where he get it
Why yo shawty on a pole? thought she was different, mhh

Jiggy n***as all around me know they rolling for me
In the field just like we slaving gotta make a milly
Every single move strategic we el chapo wit it
Make a prayer every step because the devil watching
Back to back flip the stacks, got the ghetto watching
N***as tanks just be on empty my sh*t make you vomit
7/11 pack of condoms do that on the daily
Jiggy n***a don't act out or I might just get violent

My girl a trophy, her sh*t is so godly
Know you gon copy but this sh*t is different
I'm elevated, ima be floating
Back from the money I keep it a hunnit

I’m Flicking keys wit my Daytona, big dial with the date on it
Cla** a wit the ice on it, now I know why they feening on it
Sat down to myself thinking, do I really want this sh*t booming?
Cause they wonder why ain't I been blowing, but Stevie said that he see it coming

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