January 6th (Freestyle) Lyrics

?sKitz Kraven Lyrics

To start this all off
Let me just say
That this ain't no Drake beat
Stop runnin your jaw
There's bullets involved
This ain't no Drake beef
My momma said God
Please give me a star
So that's what he made me
I turn all my bars
To rounds of applause
I see why you hate me
People were talkin like I wasn't sh*t
Now they all on my d**k
I'm as good as it gets
I use to look up to
The ones that hit licks
The ones rappin bout bricks
The most popular kids
But now
They is all talkin bout sKitz
How I'm takin trips
While they poppin out kids
That they can't afford
So they cleanin up floors
To pay child support
To an immature w****
Pardon me sir
I'm sorry for being too honest
This ain't ironic
That you think this verse about you
You can learn from me to
Just pretend that I'm Phonics
I'm just
Smoking on chronic
My highest point
I just reached way beyond it
You think I'm on sh*t
The way that I laugh like a comic
While eating at Sonic
I'm spitting atomic
You rappers suck
I hate to be the one
To break you the news
Against me you lose
I only break bread with my crew
I just gather it up
Then I cut it in two
Money's my drug
Yeah I sniff through the tooter
Ain’t gotta shoot
I'm surrounded my shoota’s
Don't need a plug
I'm surrounded by movers
Turn all of you pussies
To stone like Medusa
Rocks boy
The only thing I’m playing with
Is them Glocks boy
The only thing she really want
Is a block boy
But tonight
She f**king with a psychopaths c*ck boy
And I’m a fight your a**
I’m a take the razor blade
Out the cage
And just get to work
Just forget your shirt
I’m cutting through it
Till I hit a nerve
Yeah I’m just waiting for your veins to burst
Blood squirt
On my face
Call it late dessert
I’m a eat a f**king cake
While I bake you first
I’m a f**k your baby momma
While your kid watch
Have her screaming out daddy
Like a big boss
Try and go against me that’s a big loss
Wanna feature with me that’s a big cost
Try and go against me that’s a big loss
Wanna feature with me that’s a big cost

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