J4YN Lyrics

Quin NFN Lyrics

Hit the block trippin
Get stretched like a lizard
Send yo location, we come get up witcha
CP on my neck like I play for the clippers
Knife on the choppa, lil boy this ain't scissors
Can't get knocked off cause I hang wit a few
If it’s bout that action, what chu wanna do?
he fight fore he shoot, he punchin on n***as im punchin em too
Glock 23, SK, n beretta
If i see sum gold you get boxed like a treasure
B*t*h i ain't chester but I carry cheddar
9 millimeters, yo body get measured
Im trained to go, give a f**k who dont like it
This d**k dont belong on this gun like it’s dykin
Come get a zip, they be lovin them prices
Got heat like sum pepper, homeboy get to spicin
Fall off in the club, u get hit if u present
Rulers like got lit like im testin
Pray once a while, im receivin my blessin
She bought like , i love how she dressin
Smoke u like reefer cause all of us be thuggin
Got heat like sum coffe for think u muggin
Told that lil bith dont come over here touchin, 9 times outta 10 if u touch me we f**kin
B*t*h tote that choppa if u owe me money
Might shoot at cho b*t*h like a n***a was crushin
Blow out her face like im carvin a pumpkin
Disrupt the discussion, get piped like im plumbin
I hit the block wit my big bro drinkin dodi
Thinkin sh*ts sweet, this is not zack and cody
U gon leave walkin if u run up on me
Got bread in this b*t*h like i f**k wit bologna

It ain't sh*t till i pull up wit bro
U know thats bro n u know that its go
On my momma we drop sh*t to the floo
Police ask me questions, no i dont know
Sayin u owe me, but i cannot go
Beat up the pu**y, I’m feelin like tyson
Married to the money i can't do no wifin
B*t*h im a dog but i dont do no barkin
I pull wit Draco, he gon do sum sparkin
F**k all that woofin, them packs what im pushin
U play with me then u get yo life tooken
Im feelin like maxo, im shootin for bigs
These n***as is fake like a b*t*h wit a wig
I do this for bro, i been gettin it in
Fresh on the block got me feelin like Deon
Im hot on the block, I might need me sum freons
All of my tops be ballin for me
And mello shoot from the 3 like he harden for me
U dont wanna get it started wit me
Im the sh*t, get retarded wit me
Hurricane Mexx, this sh*t can get tragic
Pop out on yo block, now he callin it magic
Bro feel like disney, im straight from aladin
They say i spit heat like im f**kin wit candles
They say im a martian, i ain't from this planet
I only rock nike cause ima just do it
Yo b*t*h give me brain now im callin her stupid
Teachin these n***as, they might need a lesson
I pop me a xan n go shoot at the reverend
This J4B cause lil bro seven
This J4B cause lil bro seven

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