J.A.N. Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics

Jive a** n***as always in my face
Try to play the role, yo, I put you in your place

Looking at me, scheming with your jealousy
F**k with me, I'll looking like some leprosy
I can feel your bad ways just like some telpathy

Hiding your sh*t, most n***as cannot see
I can see you sh*t 100 miles away and still be on the humble
Waiting on the moment you fumble
Scream uncle
You softer than Simon & Garfunkel
Jive a** n***a

Damn, girl, you think you all that?
Because you booty on fat?
Small waist, pretty face, stacked?

Even though you got a lot of body
Damn the situation ends up like La Di Da Di

A n***a wouldn't even hit that sh*t drunk with some rubbers
The VIP list is long

The STD list is strong
I ain't trying to get hitched with the wrong chick
End up like Pootie for some booty
It don't matter if she ugly like Whoopie or pretty as Tootie

Rat down in any city, state or town

One up on every time d**k is down

Then the sh*t just spreads around...

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