I’ve Seen The Devil Within God, I’ve Seen Heaven Within Hell Lyrics

÷?X????X?÷ (÷?X3713X?÷) Lyrics

I'm on display in a tiny gla** cage you tuck away
I try to find a way to make you hear the things I have to say
But the more I try to yell it's like the more you walk away
And I just wish that you would want to f**king stay
Come and visit my exhibit, come inspect my little spectacle
Tear my legs off and watch me squirm, I just see decimals
I'm trapped inside the barcodes, scan my souls, QR code
Everything's a product, are you content with being content?
We're consumers and producers
Making choices and manuevers
In a system that we live in
'Cause we see and think and breathe and speak but only how we're taught
We're all placed in our positions and then perfectly conditioned
Into thinking that our lives are truly based around our thoughts
We're just puppets, cut the strings
I scream f**k it, f**k everything
I used to be a boy, but I made myself a man
Foundation built around these f**king problems I avoid
I put a bullet in my brain just to show myself I can
And now I don't know what I am
I'm just a void, a force without a form
A face without a name, a soul without a shell

I've seen the devil within god, I've seen heaven within hell

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