?it hurts. Lyrics

?duendita Lyrics

But not when you hold me
Your beauty weighs on me
This feeling's too good

Ay, the sun shinin' out the window
So why the f**k it rainin' everywhere that I go?
And through the sadness, I've been happy couple times though
But the peaks been lookin' weak whenever I'm low
Muff**ka I'ma drown in my depression
And I don't fall in love, I just find a new obsession
I been thinkin' 'bout my f**kin' death like every second
Yeah, I guess that means my mind's a different type of lethal weapon
Ay, yeah, my heart the place where all my scars at
Often wishin' that I died inside the car crash
See he was drunk when he swerved into my f**kin' lane
Shoulda hit the gas and just be done with all this f**kin' pain
Wakin' up to check the clock and going back to sleep
I close the blinds 'cause I don't even wanna f**kin' eat
Too many shadows in my head, my demons free to creep
Nowadays I always keep a bottle in my f**kin' reach
Keep bottle in my f**kin' reach

And I continue smokin' dope until I comatose
Lately seems that life has got me on the f**kin' ropes
Maybe pickin' up a double cup will help me cope
'Cause everyday I keep on runnin' outta f**kin' hope
Daily headaches, keep the Advil always in my throat
And all my friends been the reason that I'm still afloat
And I get letters people say they like the sh*t I wrote
Well listen up 'cause my sorrow never runnin' low
Last year I watched my granny go and slip away
Looked into her eyes, she didn't know my f**kin' name
And I been hopin' that she made it to a better place
'Cause lookin' back, I think I died upon that f**kin' day
Lookin' back, I think

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