Iphone Note Lyrics

420 Unlovable Lyrics

Wow, DJ Topy
Why you have to do 'em like that, DJ Topy?
Oh my god, DJ Topy, this is way too hot
DJ Topy, oh my god
DJ Topy, this is way too hot for the club
It's-It's DJ Topy

You can see me under many different colored lights
Or you can find me at the bank where I spend my time
But money isn't what I want
Like I just want a house to haunt
But I still have all these checks to cash, though
Pouring out my darkest heart in a Iphone Note
Yeah, I could let it settle in a notebook
But I'll write something that's sadder on my Iphone Note
But we haven't talked in forever, so
But that's cool with me if it's cool with you
Something like a peripheral truth
But this house will haunt you too

Walk inside, this old house, but I'm not here with you
I'm an inferial beast it's just not up to you
Slippin' slow, and I'm waitin' for the rain to snow
I'm not cold, I just gotta wait to go
Subtle beats in the streets have me feeling sly
Sheeps give wool, with this pump, boys got the plug
B***ons on my a** so you cannot see where my secrets lie
That's just the way I feel 'fore I wanna die

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