Instagram Freestyle 12/31/2018


Instagram Freestyle 12/31/2018 By CHIKA

Instagram Freestyle 12/31/2018

Yeah, Look
I’ve been laying low a minute
I’ve been in it, I’ve been sitting
Thinking ’bout the different ways that I could kill it
I blew up without a deal
So I won’t stop for no
Because I make them triple up whenever my name on the bill
I got the motherf**king answer
Holding them for ransom
Got these n***as tight because they b*t*hes think I’m handsome
2019 I’m getting hella bread and then some
You can have the crums
She’ll be Grettel to your Hansel
I’ma get the numbers they won’t pass um
Making more ones than a known pole dancer
She can make it rain
Get Vixen no Prancer
Only getting sick, a n***a lyrical cancer
I can make a melody remedy
All the bullsh*t they selling me
On the low It’s propelling me
Getting closer to destiny
Now I’m giving the best of me
And they feeling impressed to be
Round a young motherf**ker
Who acquired the recepy
b*t*h I’m hotter than an Alabama summer
I’m an OG not a f**king up-and-comer
I’ve been going super stupid
But next year Im going dumber
Give everybody time and now It’s mine and that’s a bummer
I’m under reconstruction
But my journey has begun
I’m going way too hard to just be doing this for fun
I’ma do it all four all the bacon
Three years in the making
Top twos bout to be taken
I’m the one

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