All the hats Lyrics

I hear ya talking aboutsee y'all living aroundcan't understand your mindare you an individual

future is unwrittenemancipate your mindfreedom devotionI won't let them cut my fly

You shoot ideasbe ready to hear minesI got it clearno one is safe around

You don't know what is this likeyou don't know anything about it

Countries and citiescultures and believes riseI got no boundarieslove'em all and I care for allso let's start fucking right now

Punks generations stay and for you they riseso now i'll gonna keep singing forever ever troughgot the heart, now the rulesgimme another stage and I swear I will burn it all

Take control

Sense no fake now, we gotta rise all to the pitand once there, there's no way outas my dreams carry me awaywhen there's no way outi'm not afraid of the wolf

They cannot bring down our voice

I hear you talkingI hear you talking aboutwell motherfuckersi'm an individual

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