In the Ways of the Scales Lyrics

X Clan Lyrics

The plug has been lifted from the unguent jar
All cascade of black, perfume of the hour

The past has been written, rolled and sealed in a scroll

The eyes of the hawk ranges the sky unblinking


There's no beginning and there is no end

Once again, the illogical one
Bring your mind state to dark side of the sun
Music for creators is to give no slacks
So I stepped from the board to keep my eyes on black
Now my religion is reality come take a drink from the great verb stick
Coming with authority grouping the majority
This is not your gimmick or your fraudulent trick
Now I see children of originals doomed to lose
Teachers and preachers remain confused
Talking 'bout humanists and true black ways
Talking revolution and you're out to entertain
Ignorance, I grab you by your crackhead neck
Take you back to Egypt where you'll learn respect
And on one knee and through one way
You'll follow out the path of the new sun ray
Let it click, here comes the world of authority
Grooving up the masters of majority
People have a problem with my step
But you see I'm an example of the X
I travel with my bag with my books and fruits
Robes of the Pharaoh, now jeans and boots
Tip from the sundial time for the drum
Dum-diddy-dum funk code has begun to the scales

Above olive trees I rise like the sun
Like the moon above date palms
Where there is light I enter absolute
Where there is dark there is none of me
Like the moon above date palms I rise
I am sworn to life, I am bound to death
I take my oath under the sword

Scales of Tehuti speak balance
I never ill, I never will, I won’t have it
You see queens are of men and real men don't play
It's like moon for the night time and sun for day
I am an African, I don't wear Greek
Must I be reminded of a legendary thief
Who tried to make Greece in comparison to Egypt
But they got gypped cause their minds not equipped
I see a cave boy and he try to play black
Give a Gas Face and you're bound to get slapped
And don't play stupid I'm a pyramid stalker
Witness my soul on the vast crossroad
Chilling with the pharaohs and my ages has been
Doing this forever and you ask us when
Time is but a word and of little concern
And not another second will we red burn
To walk one way and to walk one path
Ways of the scale of the aftermath

Virgin to my science now it seems you're always with it
Brother J, funk me, I come again, I stick it
Some say it's too deep and some say strong
Some say the truth hurts and I say wrong
Awaken Osiris, it's time for war
Mount your chariot, I can't take no more
Life or death, it doesn't matter I come again
There's no beginning and there is no end
Popped the stage, turn the page
Coming of Isis, Queen Mother Rage
Witness the sex Overseer the X
Verbalizer funkin lesson give a taste, what's next
Show and improve, what's the true move
You come inside and present the strong groove
It's really about time for a kick like this
Ways of the scale scientific fist, have a kiss

By the way, vanglorious!
This is protected
By the red, the black, and the green
At the crossroad! SISSSSSY!
With a key!

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