Impala Lyrics


Aye, turn that sh*t up kiwi
Yeah, turn the headphones up

Ba-Back in this b*t*h
Sipping my Actavis script
Mixing and mastering hits
Back in the lab cause I'm pa**ionate
Actually making sh*t happen
Ya'll blabbering lips
Tell 'em quit calling my phone
Only at peace when I'm up in my zone
Feast upon beats I got beasts in my flesh
Let 'em unleash when I piece out my songs
Ripping the mic, flipping my tongue
Sippin' a sprite, ripping a bone
All of my life I been dreaming of this
Now I'm living my dream and I'm up in my zone
Built up an att**ude on the way up
Feeling no grat**ude don't give a f**k
Don't give a f**k about nothing you're saying
Cause I'm elevated and ya'll n***as stuck

Yuh, b*t*h
I'm the type of n***a to expand your mind with just one sentence
Convertible like a pool
My n***a drop the top we just jump in it
Finish line, I'm gone hit it
Can't finish grinding got no limits
Can't mess with time that clock ticking
When money talks we should all listen
Mother f**kers they know I can flow like this
Blowing o's in the sky you don't smoke like this
Kill 32 tracks, like they on death row
I'ma shoot for the top, don't step in my scope
And f**k going broke
"woah!" all I hear every time I step through the door
Oh, no
N***as repping Houston they ain't even heard of
Big Hawk, Pimp C, Flip, or Moe
Hustler, hustler
I'll puzzle ya, puzzle ya
F**k a pizza the pizza
I'll punk the whole pizzeria
They ain't rocking my boat
But Rest in Peace to Aleah
They say life is a movie, I see you hoes in the sequel

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