I’m Untouchable Lyrics

621 Lyrics

Gotta focus hard, man these rappers want me done
Gotta focus hard, i ain't lookin for the one
Tryna make it out the town, yeah y'all better run
Cause once i f**kin' make it, gon' demolish everyone
This is a story 'bout a rapper 621
Majority of his life, man that n***a never won
They tryna see him fall, take his life with a gun
He going all out now, leave these n****s stunned

I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable

Man these bodies wanna see me f**kin' fall
Let me f**kin' be, 'bout to throw y'all cross the hall
Let me get the cake, wanna buy out the whole mall
I'm untouchable, aye y'all gon' fumble like football
Where's your swagger, where's your bright
I'm a master, yeah i bite
Call me cracker, mixed with white
F**k these rappers, f**k their life
Claim they're clappers, they don't fight
Y'all ain't trappers, ain't no hype
Y'all are actors in the light
I'm an attacker, b*t*h goodnight
Yeah you like to rhyme, all your rhymes they f**kin' suck
Rhyming about lies, imma call you Dr. Sus
Ain't about the love, b*t*h i'm all about the lust
Out runnin' y'alls career, imma leave y'all in the dust
Progressing all my rhymes, had to get rid of the rust
Yeah i'm a rapper, but i sing too like i'm Russ
Seeing that i'm rapping, yeah these females wanna cuff
I'm already high, i ain't even gotta puff
Holding everything, man i feel like i'm gon' bust
Gonna let it out, gonna give y'all uppercuts
Make it on the charts, gonna make it, issa trust
Make it on the charts, yeah i gotta, issa must

I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable

Yeah i'm snappin, wanna see what i'm on?
Barely got some fans, but i'm feeling like the don
Writing everyday, i'm commited until dawn
Getting hella hype, yeah y'all f**ked, b*t*h be gone
Yeah my temp exotic, nicknamed her Amazon
Spitting hella bars, i just did a marathon
Talkin' all that sh*t, hop up in the octogon
Killing a career, call that sine que non
Now i'm speakin' foreign, b*t*h i'm wearing Lauren
Hop up in a foreign, see ya 'till the mornin'
Killed ya now you're mournin', didn't give a warning
B*t*h don't bother me cause right now i'm still recording
My name is 621, better keep that in your head
Tryna be polite, y'all might end up f**kin' dead
Rapping out of Texas, tryna get this f**kin' bread
Next time you talking sh*t about me, think ahead

I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable
I'm untouchable

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