96ix Lyrics

K you killin’ it

I‘ve seen this sh*t a hundred times still I keep walkin‘
A couple hundred times more and Imma keep rockin‘
I keep knockin‘ all these verses
My releases diverse
And check me out in person
Don‘t disturb me when I‘m workin‘
I‘m in here way too much
I‘m with the shot too clutch
Don‘t get my sh*t to rush
I need that time for the sh*t that I been workin‘ on
Haters, I been swervin‘ on 'em
Fakers, I been curvin‘ on 'em
I made a lotta mistakes, a lot of good sh*t
A lot of times that I failed, then I made good sh*t
I mean, I ain‘t sh*t but never stupid
Check my gallery there‘s nothing left for me to proof it
Don‘t need a check to do it
I got it and you knew it
Like a champion to it
You know I‘m 'bout to loose it
Oh yeah
You know that pen is like a gun in my hand
Stay on this sh*t until the world war finally ends, yeah
And I know someone got my back, it‘s nothing personal
There‘s a higher power on the pen just on this verse alone
I ain‘t religious, I just keep the faith in me
And I‘m not prayin‘ to a god I‘m just here speakin‘ to me
A lot of stars that you see, a different story I read
A bunch of love and a melody is all that I need
Not really here to compete, my mind free
Not really here to lie on them beats, I just preach

Yeah, yeah
It‘s peace everybody
Everybody put your peace sign up in the sky and celebrate what we got
'Cause this one special

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