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Let's get lost in the night with the tight hoes
Spit your hoes, got her eating to my right lobes
Her body, my hold, no secrets
You know the ones that you been searching for
In these hoes for the past lifetimes
Well, if I lose my mind, girl my body, you should keep that
We'd be doing God a favor, he'd pleased with
No need to rush, just to be there up
I know I got bed in the bag, like I'm Neiman duck
And she ain't looking for no tags, 'cause we deep enough
We be strutting on these hoes, while they need to bust
I let your curves talk to me
Your body start looking like the place where I grew up
Familiar with the touch and the herb talks to me
The night stars singing, writing lines in your spine
That my a** can believe in
Climax achieved
And getting hard to breathe
And plus the sun love us 'cause we get FedEx to sleep
Whenever we get together and for that main reason
Uh, yeah, right

I know you prolly wish I didn't make this sh*t so confounding
Drowning in the water sign, sign in his mind
Time slows for no man and for every demigod
Dipped in the ethereal liquid of the divine
Spinning dastardly wealths
Dripping with the most delicious and alluring pheromones
Penetrating your old factory, the old fashioned way
So salivate over bare bones
Where is home for the heartless?
I'm serious
Where is home for the heartless?
Spanned across the farthest ends of the planet
To find where all the pieces landed
Where is home for the heartless when you come back empty handed
It would seem as though the thermostat has reached its max
But my homeostasis don't erase
So I feel the attacks of various viruses, pathogen, and the light
Psychosomatic propaganda predetermines pragmatism's failure to exist
Failure to be missed
Failure comes with risks
But we still take it
And give your dreams a shot like vaccination
Give your dreams a shot like vaccination
As it enters your blood, be patient
Give your dreams a shot like vaccination
Give your dreams a shot like vaccination
Give your dreams a shot like vaccination

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