I Want My Shirt Back Lyrics

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How you always on your phone
But you dont text me back
How u always have my shirt
Tryna give it back
I dont understand why you do that
Kinda wanna try finally figure it out
From the start
Always knew
Who u are
We aligned
In the stars
But its not the same anymore

Why do u keep me in the dark
I miss my old guitar
U wouldn't bring it to the party
And made me come right to your door
I dont wanna see u anymore
Till u tell me what i need u for
Dragging dirt across your kitchen floor
U only wanna talk on your terms
Can't lean on anyone lesson learned
But i know what i want it just hurts
Can't sleep cuz when its gone its over
I hope we both get what we deserve

Pick up thе phone and call me back
Pick up my back coverеd in broken gla**
Like i dont have to act to make things better
Ill just give it up and put it all in the past

Promise i just want my shirt back

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