I Reps Lyrics

Queen Pen Lyrics

{*Pen whispers "I Reps" while DJ Clue is talking*}

William n***a
Yeah!DJ Clue, Desert Storm, you know how we do things
Q-u-double-e- radio
And the question of the day
Is who, and what you rep
Caller number 1, you on the line

Ayo its P, big chunky 40 inch chains
I could f**k your woman, but I perfer brains
I could duff you out wit guns and bang
I'ma certified, bonofied, Mobb N***a man
This ain't no '87 rap battle
This is 2001, bloodsport, n***a i'll get at you
This is criminal sh*t, I'm so infamous
I'm so gangsta, these n***as be nervous
When we pop up, ya knees lock up
Ya stomach catch b***erflies
And ya heart pumps
Suppose to be scared, suppose to be 'wared
When you see me get the f**k out my way
N***a I'm in here
And I ain't come for the glamour and glitz
I came to f**k you up bad, get drunk, and find me a b*t*h
So where you at girl, holla at the kid
'Fore I slay one of these lame n***as in here, straight up

Yeah, Caller number two
You on the line

I got some raps for the streets
My n***as pack the heats
My soldiers on the corner crushin up green meat
For all the generations, and mothers ridin the trains
To work for y'all crackers, for that bullsh*t pay
I reps for my head that cops his weight
That take trips uptown just to cop his haze
I rep for them chicks givin brain in the rain
That ain't scared to be a freak, for the right pay
I gots to rep for my familys thats stricten wit pain
For buryin they boys to soon for this game
I rep for my panthers thats locked away
And???sittin on deathrow countin down them days
I rep for y'all b*t*hes that work lizzie bags
That sell hot sh*t, half price off of tags
I rep for them chicks that write they own sh*t
That live just like a live, to write they own sh*t
Its 2001 b*t*h, stop frontin
I rep for my baby mamas thats still walkin
I rep for them chicks collectin P.A.&Wic
Up in the hair and nail spots makin off the book chips
I rep body snactchers, loyaly over pa**ion
I'm married to B.S.b*t*h, ain't no question

Caller number three, you on the line

I rep money dealers, girls step like, "Cam you rock a lotta Prada"
Look to her and said, "b*t*h I'm bout the dollar", holla
I don't like it anyways, I feel Escada hotter
One get her, get her, good dog, got her, got her
Cam is in a Lincolns Clipse
Jay say Belvedere, now y'all drinkin the sh*t
Please, oh my god brother, followin is not gutter
Its a major trend setter for you c*ck suckers
Insurance on my diamonds, my rocks covered
If I'm wit a b*t*h, believe me I do not love her
I'ma rap like a doobie and spliff
My Uzi a click, yeah I did a movie a flick
But I step to the director like, "look I'm not b*t*hin"
Understand this homeboy, I'm not snitchin
Killa Cam still be back in the hood
Back where I should, plus I can't act that good
I could cook that coke, get them figures
I could bust that gat, strip some n***as
No homo, cause my life ain't no motion picture
Motion trigger, I open livers, c*ck the pump
Pop the trunk, I drive em to the ocean n***a
Peal em apart, let em know you dealin wit sharks
Killa, P-Double, Queen Pen, Lee Low

Yeah, DJ Clue
You know how we do things
Q-U-Double E radio
And the question of the day is
What you rep

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