Hotter Than Chipotle Lyrics

[UNDEFINED] (Rapper) Lyrics

I'm unexpected like Ebola- rap’s new soldier- I'll have the blood fizzing out your nose like soda
If you don't step to me I’ll bowl you over- I can mosey over a rhyme so you can’t call me a phoney
I kill these lines so don't phone me
emcee I am the one and only
Take this opportunity to
Keep moving with the
Beat cruisin all the way speak fluent & I’m
Gone by the time that it’s blown up in your face
I make haste while ya try keep up with the pace…
And you could stop me and try to top me- which would be impossibility when I'm dropping these lines hotly

Hotter, cooler, smarter, wiser
Hotter than chipotle, cooler than a penguin
I am better, you are lesser
Me, myself and I, we are enough henchmen

If you care to enquire about my raps
I'd tip my cap cos I’d admire that
It seems there are a lot of buyers into this down to the wire compet**ion
But I'm the new addition
Fresher than a newly renovated kitchen
Happier than a drinker at the end of prohibition
Listen you ain't got the required skills
I'm the Call Of Duty player you Hired for kills
You better hide the till
With all kinds of bills
Cos I've got an empty wallet that I'm
Tryin to fulfil

Bust it, bust it

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