Hop Off Lyrics

3OhBlack Lyrics

I'm into that stunting
I'm into that money
I'm in that money
I'm into that stunting
is stuntin' for money
that stuntin'
N***a I'm in to that stunting I'm also into hunting
N***a I'm into that sh*t
Yeah into it
My n***as into hunting we be hunting for c**ts in Vermonts
In Vermonts got blunts got croissants how many ya want
My n***as start a pimp plex
Purchase some of his b*t*hes
Police keep insisting
Jeffery quit resisting
Y'all ain't sipping
Jeffery I'm lean chugging
I sip the whole bottle you know I like it muddy
Engineer p*ssed cause I'm playing with the b***ons
He don't know I f**ked on his b*t*h while he was downstairs getting my sh*t mixed
Man its Jeffery dog I like n***as p*ssed
Yeah its Jeffery dog naked b*t*h naked like my wrist
Still rapping bout the same sh*t
Cause ain't sh*t changed but the b*t*hes on my d**k
N***a I'm riding
N***a I'm riding

Street in Austin Texas hmm
Or I might be in Houston
N***a I don't know where I'm at
Pop a xan and relax
On the plane
On the plane
On the plane in the back
I might land
I might land
When I land
Every motherf**kin b*t*h drop they pants
I ain't playing
I ain't playing
I ain't motherf**kin' playing

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