High Fructose Corn Stirrups Lyrics

4lung Lyrics

Bake my bread in your oven, invite me to your coven
Let me stub out this log that I'm puffin, miss muffin
I'm mcgruffin, crime DAWG on the scene and I'm known to get macabre even after Halloween
The teen dream of escapist scenes in magazines ingest promethazine if you wanna keep your mouth clean
I have weird dreams
Cause I eat melatonin
Mental landscape roamin' like a showmanship shaman

We're country bombin ramen, dead poet Williams robin, the beat jus keeps on poppin with no intention of stoppin

Most of my beats are accidents
Most of my lyrics are also accidents
My breath really smells like sh*t
I need a whole sack of mints
To counteract its belligerence

In community college I majored in heartbreaking, i minored in lion taming
While you f**knerds were gaming, it was the game I was changin with my words that be rangin from sickly silent to ragin

Ronald raegan was a pagan and so too was Sarah palin quirky shirts with graphic bacon earn me all the gold I rake in
The effort is painstaking but the pennant's what I'm taking when it comes to music well I'm sure I'll getcha body shakin WAH-AH

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