Heed the Word of the Brother Lyrics

X Clan Lyrics

Exist in a state of vainglorious
As we are protected by the red, the black, and the green
Heed the words of the brother

Letters to words word to phrase into paragraph
Heed math as 'J begins cla**
Science of past is now brought to the rhyme fix
From the scrolls, straight to the verb stick
Gods to gods from gods to man
Many kings, many leaders, a fist from a hand
They call me militant, now what does this mean?
Do I carry a gun to let the army see?
With the cause I'll never pause as simply as the brother
Raise the flag, raise the colors
Red, black, green, with the key the difference
Words make a way in the world in an instant
Living to die and I die to live again
360 degrees...comprehend
A man getting stronger 'til he's man no longer
Unearthly state makes the time seem shorter
Forever radiant, awareness brought forth the One
Open eyes, strong sun
Practice and preach, stand about what I teach
So you all stand starvin' as I start to unleash
Words of the brother

Great blackness brought from the genesis
Won't exist 'til armageddon is a witness
The originals built the Earth
Why must there be aggression to learn a basic lesson?
Quite majestic, stern within reality
A juggernaut when you tamper with mentality
I wear a crown, extension and dimension of a brain cell
Bringin' hell to the sellouts
Forever tangled web we weave
Always tryin' to obtain, no attempt to achieve
Descendents of kings and queens act like jesters
Never potential, caught up
Jealousy of what are we
Becomes tendency for their thievery
Alright, cool, but no need to pull a trigger
Cause that's a fool, I get my like stool
To produce the words that they drool about
It's another way of checkin' out these sissies
Who may try to extinct my principality
But of course they're not havin' me?
Madness from beginning, I'm the end, observe me:
Ignorance is not a trend
So as I beckon for few seconds
Pull the reins, and heed the words of the brother

One with the universe mastering words on the verse
Funk is a force I exert
Egyptian, African, now I'm on the Blackwatch
Check my sundial, synchronize the clock
I can catch a shadow as the Moon reflects the Sun
Creator's eyes make a path to brother one
So now I walk softly and carry a big stick
A verb stick, so you natives seem to lick
J brings the funk and spreads jam to the wheat bread
In the funk of this, one vainglorious
Unearthly resistance, strong with persistance
Grand Verbalizer kicks this
Tribal connection, pyramids witness the funk bearer
Vibe sharer not the error
Brother is balanced like the scales of Thoth
I knew the mind of man makes stone seem soft
Corrupts all systems, positive poison of me
Some call it Ankh, it's a key
Black is a color, while blackness state of a mindstate
But how many of you think?
Today the Brother J can find the better way
So be it, plan it down and make it stay
I serve a purpose, yet I am not the G.I. Joe
I am the Brother, yo I can never swear a foe
So just hasten your step to the mic and stage area
As I drop the science that breaks the clock barrier
Words of old make me more than a beginner
The key opens knoweldge and plays as an antenna
Americana man, Africana brother
Don't forget the land cause the birth is from the Mother
A vibe is in place, obtained and discovered
Tune in your audio and heed the word of brother

Yo Aristotle, Plato, Socrates
Step off!

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