Headhunter 4/20 Freestyle Lyrics

8corpses Lyrics

They call me head honcho
Aim for your head pronto
That bloodshed from the lead like this that RedRum flow
They got my meds on hold
So i'm stressed no joke
Biker vest on my chest, like is that stone cold
Crack yo head no bowl
Yo spirit shed your soul
Yo body left for dead
The cops left on hold
This ain't that Ol' Town Road
We mosh pit throws bows
Pop sh*t 4, 4's
Rock sh*t gun rose
Hundred round drum no band though
Trying not to snap like Thanos
Black on black or camo
Is all I wear no flannel
F**k around get Jack like Daniels
Y'all just cap, no Kangol
Finna start snitching ain't you
Romeo Alpha Tango
Pull up with the semi in it hit 'em like a car though
Heard i'm in the city so he hidden like Waldo
Thinkin' will he make it only god knows
Sawed-off shotty left a pot hole
Fold him up like a taco
Every rhyme is hot coal
Views I never bought those
But every line is barcodes

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