Hai Domo (English) Lyrics

????? (Kizuna AI) Lyrics

Hello there, I'm the YouTuber Kizuna Ai

Now the party begins
Free here, call everyone
Habitual members and DJ
It doesn't matter where you are say, "yes!"
Ignorance and rain in life
I am sure that if I am with you the sun will rise
Crying alone, born
Dance with everybody, aldente
Are you not alone here?
Floor shaking, 3, 2, 1, jump!
Illuminate with a laser beam
The hand is raised
A magical moment that will come true for everyone
One night, magic such feeling
Tenteko, Mai Henteko, Mai don't worry and dance

It doesn't matter if it's the first time
I love you, and it's alright
Life is a whip, and a sweet time
You cannot be an idiot
I'm sick, alone, born, forget it all aldente
The music I want to transmit
At first sight
Your magic that fills me-
Soft and frustrated
The night you want to forget is cute if you can contain your tears
Tenteko, Mai Henteko, Mai let's dance without worrying about it

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