Gutter Blues Lyrics

Q-Unique Lyrics

3, 2, 1! Blast off!
Sanitation rappers spittin' trash talk
Put you in a body cast and slash until you cat sauce
Compare me to none, don't stare at the sun
I burn out your pupils and impale you for fun
A combo of the lies and the truth and the mind of a brute
I'm a man of few words, I am Groot
Rest in peace, Mr. Magic, I'm havin' a rap attack
I'm the king of the world and they got an app for that
Download it on your smartphone you smart dummy
I'll take you out for deep boardings and leave you for the sharks bloody
And again, you musical tracks done sound a lousy
And your chick is stripper weak and mines is Ronda Rousey
She put you in an armbar til you tap out
Or I'll slip a guillotine until your dumb a** done black out
That was your last battle with no chance of the t**le
So consider the back route once you glance at the rifle

Remember the two not limit to two
Deliver me through the mic apparat I giving you true soliloquies to absorb while I form this verse with an ally
P1 plus the Q-Unique is a new technique that lead the comp
Delete each and every one of the heavy MCs throwin' arrowheads and tomahawks
Circulate winners of heavy weight while I perpetuate this greater ma**
Style demonstrates how I concentrate consecrate then I burn the casket
Open casket, hope it happens, cut dead weight, no headaches or Aspirin
Tylenol, y'all Sorbitol, too sweet and fake, too sweet, too late
Two languages went for the leap, one make belief, one great belief
One border cross, cross 'em off, cut 'em like scissors, gonna cut the moss
No one's breathin' or leavin' a second thought
Believe when I'm leavin' you naked or not
Perceive my conception, redeem my connection, direction is up, green lights, no stops
Movin' on, my lexicon is gone to the dead in Zombieland
Decrepid face and detached limbs, one type of brand guaranteed to win
Y'all learning to swim inside of a shark tank
Whatever left Imma leave for the blood bank
Sharpen my teeth on the Barrier Reef
Open your chest like a murderous thief

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