Guess Who’s Back (Remix) Lyrics

X (ItsXMusic) Lyrics

That's why
Gue-gue-guess who's back
Guess who's back
Gue-gue-guess who's back
Look, look

I murder a rhyme, one word at a time, you've never
Heard of a mind as perfect as mine
You better, search and you'll find
The answer you seek
Instead of taking shots at n***as that you can't even reach
The chances you speak, are gifted, shake hands with a leech
Are slimmer than, Eminem when he slandered this beat
What if I told you, I'm the one who planted the seed
So Adam and Eve actually got the apple from me
I tried to, rid the bible of it inaccuracies
But I am not responsible for what the ma**es believe
I do my own thing, the only lit match in the breeze
If I wanted to blend in, I'd rock camo fatigues, and post a selfie
Feed into drama and hope it helps me
Let 'em tell me I got CV even though I'm healthy
Where else we, going if not, exposing the plot
I'm back like Tim McVay to blow up the spot
Your brains been kept in a cage, lets open the box
They like X, you gotta chill, you over the top
This light work, boy you lucky I grabbed the mic first
Either way I'm gon' be the pressure that made the pipe burst
I'm diverse, I write verses that may ignite earth
It might hurt, but my life purpose was not to divert
Goodnight sir, guess they don't understand me, alright word
Thought I told 'em the metal ? ain't been deciphered, uhuh
I write mine in hieroglyphs, so I ain't merging with no microchips
My n***a, I don't glitch, remember I had to tell my iPhone 6
I don't need none of my typos fixed, I go psycho, skitz
When you don't listen or reply so quick
Reason me and being polite don't mix
Thought I tried it before, I even left all of my knives in the drawer
Usually there's a no soliciting sign on the door
But we live in a world where you can't survive if you're poor
While the governments busy funding both sides of a war
I know it's f**ked up, and they tell me that I just cuss less
I'm upset, what do I think of success? It sucks
Too much stress, I'm blessed, I'm just X
But yes, if Funk Flex want me to rock, I'll let the Ghost do it
And coast thought it, my flows stupid
My hearts frigid, I'm so ruthless
I'll show you the wrath God should have shown Judas
Lord forgive him, I gotta spaz on my own students
For I know not who they take me as
I discount 'em like a Macy's ad
If I did go broke, I would be in the streets Breaking Bad
So I advise you don't make me mad
I don't like to lose, you'll wind up on the nightly news
Then I, check on your soul like a Nike swoosh
Funny how you wound up in the ICU
Spooked 'cause you can't see me but I see you
And thats...
Thats where I get my name from
Thats why they call me the Ghost
My artistry shows, I'm awfully close
If I need to make an example, I just target a host
I'm rarely seen, my limits reach farther than most
And the truth is, a lot of what you thought was a hoax, oh
Gue-gue-guess who's back
Walk into the White House like "Where my bedroom at?"
I changed all the locks, and I set new traps
Let me get something off my chest before I let you rap, n***a

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