Grippin 44z Lyrics

22Gz x Envy Caine x Denz Floxks x Ktone Lyrics

Blixky da x5, B*t*h! Still grippin on 4-4's n***a

Verse 1
Twenty two gizzy, b*t*h it's the general Blixky
SRK's go to the 50's, twirl out I'm drippy
Walk down no hand with a glizzy
They don't want smoke with them dizzies, sat out for months
Blessed cause them crackers they miss me
Left my boy 'So in the renty, we countin' guap
B*t*h if you dance with a spin-piece, straight from the Jag'
To the Bentley, free all the twirlers
Pull up on you where ya Blixk at? Hollows gon' go through ya six-pack
Pu**y come spin, we puttin' chops where ya wig at
Glocks break you up like a Kit-Kat, Henny, I sip it
They not gon' like when I'm spinnin'
They rap bout the life that I'm livin', Suburbans is tinted
Send double hand with a glizzy
We spot 'em,we got 'em, we hit 'em

Verse 2
Coka Jigga, top opposition
Keep a strap word around I'm a dead man
3 stripes for the spice, I married Givenchy to Gucci the head band
Smoking people, drinking dirty compart**ents
Percocets, don't f**k with Xanax
Everybody GDK because they got shot or they can't
Get they mans back
Spin right back if he still moving gon' gun him down
Only twirlers and GD's, don't come around
Glock with extentions it take all a hunnid rounds
If he got on my B then I'm comin' now
Free Skrell Paid, we still floxkin
When people be watchin' I know that they sick of us
Load the glizzy, black Suburbans is tinted up
Use to floxkin to live, ain't no giving up
Doin' hits out of stolen cars, Phone em got blixky's
They trippin' off ecstasy , Rest in Peace we got all the sauce
Spikes too drippy people loving my energy
Catch a victim then pick him off, time to go slide
And suprise all my enemies
Forever situated, count a lot of racks
Try to pull up on me and im floxkin back

Verse 3
40 shot clutching, I'm posted with 20's too
Play disrespect and we bending you, that ain't bout nothing
Floxkin to live call me general n***as talk rich ain't no principle
End of discussion,pointers on diamonds no decimal
Check the supressors it's federal pistol we dumping
Body disinergrate we never give or take
Opps is on dinner plates, knock and start bussin'
30's with ninas that choppa so special, truth to be told ain't got nothin' against you
Frontin' on me North Korea my missle, been gettin' rowdy before all the rebels
I been gettin' chips I ain't talking no kettle
I floxk with a stick what you call heavy metal
The glizzy be special, I'm a dizzy devil
Keep private attorneys to cop us the settle
Floxkin Blixky individual, body these n***as straight lyrical
Damage is critical, pu**y n***a we ain't feelin' you
Situations on a pedistal, we keep a friend or two
Money, we spend a few, foreign designer my visual
Opp a pu**y I done bend a few, wife been ma**aging my genitals
N***as is pitiful,try to front watch how we airing you
Verse 4
It's Ktone I be dropping sh*t
Rest in Peace Rich on the gang he was floxkin sh*t
30 clip what a opp would get
Pop a n***a top, hit him harder than the grabba spliff
Stay high marjuianna lit
On the pavement it ain't hard for me to find a brick
Poker face gotta find the chips,and I just paid 3500 on designer sh*t
Margielas, Loubittons in it
Stash box tricky blue and whites couldn't find the blixks
Say my name better find the grip
Ya clip too short like 8 for a dime a piff
I advise you respect me more LV monogram t-shirt
Like a checkerboard
In ya hood they respect me more, flew through ya block
Better pray that ya vest be on
Hollow tips and his chest be gone
Ain't a artist but you know that the tech be drawn
Savin' hoes hope the cape is on, I don't cuff treesh, you won't f**k with no basic jawn
Can't catch me with no basic grip never do high points cause I shoot 'till I break the sh*t
Cook coke like I make the sh*t and I be with the G's and they'd shoot up ya wake and sh*t

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