Goldn Meathooks Lyrics

2nd Generation Wu Lyrics

I don't know how y'all see it
But when it comes to the children
With the Wu, well it's the new generation of bosses
Lord forgive me
Forgive me for my sins

Ayo I started out, sparking in cyphers, we used to dart it out
Charted routes I veer towards without a map to sort it out
Ambulances posted nearby bodies that's carted out
Keep a steady supply stacked and ready for the slaughterhouse
They can't deny the sight, between my left and my right
Same one that's atop the pyramids, slice the dark with the light
The number one author to write
Pen in my palm like it's caught in a vice
I'll sort of suffice but it'll cost you a price
So can't enforce when they be tight, throwing temper tantrums and burning bridges
Light theyself on fire by mistake, they fall into the rivers
Talk the accolades but don't respect the course of doing business
Caught up in they feelings like children, no it don't take no village
To raise you up out your sneakers, we don't blast you out the speakers
You is a fan, I understand but don't come out the bleachers
Learn from us; we the teachers, put some muscle on your weakness
Hard liquor bottle, boss sparring, y'all Margherita's

Ayo they told me "Hang it up, Deck"
Nah homie I ain't done yet
Double time grind on the dub step
Baldy with the frames on my shaft sh*t
Call me Hall of Fame, I'm your draft pick
INS - living legend, kill any misconception
You know my code, I'm at the stove in the kitchen, sweating
I made a name cause my game dope
Extended arms for my n***as in the same boat
Oh you ill ill? Yeah, for real, for real
Gorillas in the field, came from Killa Hill
Recognise why they call him GOAT
Mad bonds on the floor, I'm for all the smoke
The boy cold like Chicago wind
Any bets against him? That's a cardinal sin
Nothing f**king with the Rebel when I get in mode
And I don't fall into place cause I don't fit the mould

Put the stars more in sky
Astrophysics innerlie
Hyrogliphics, the specific
It's Pacific, imma dive
The crust up on the sky
Our test to how we fly
On the cusp of thinking "Why would we be here just to survive?"
For when we die and not alive
Why we trying to apply, the light Orion has to shine upon the highness of divine
I'm the shining to a rhyme of how we rhyme, no nickel and dime
I'm one of a kind, I'm on ya mind, now you see me colorblind
My cerebral cortex is a vortex of all your cheques
Got more flex than the sore sex of a hooker in a huge org' fest
Northwest star in Eastwest
The kinda yay' the Gs sniff
Flow Jesus, no speaketh with white sticky adhesive
No rip it off but I bleed with, the same color they breed with
Believe this, we need this
We all came from Egypt
My great into allegiance where the heathens stole collegiance
Making history to read in, not the genocide decedent
I'm the reason given
You see my teets are rhythm
My team are euphemism
We really spew the vision
Rapper, you infriction, then envision through emission
Now you see the isms, state and currently division

Twenty third letter of the alphabet, it's calculus
I'm counting chips, life is like a movie and a mound of clips
Came from public housing, catch me drowning in a pound of piff
Baby in the kitchen, whipping biscuits, sizzle sounds are vicious
Counterfeit, wake up every night to fight the nightmares
I'm right there, it's hurts when you realise they don't fight fair
And I built my buzz through the dark, see this a light year
Our progression is lightyears, I don't fight I just write tears
Forget the solace, I be wildin' like a bottle of juice
Play with your thoughts like John Wilkes Booth
This be the corpse, with the talk fo a stylish coupe
And my report will inform you we ignited the booth

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