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XIV Lyrics

Glittered whispers
of a youthful cloud,
wallow in a
orange-crème dust.

Substantial grey royals
hold a shimmering mystic,
that vibrates
each clock
in the glitch of an instant.
I fall into my aura, accompanied by an elephant's hum:
What a patient journey on the way
My subtle mouth no longer shares a
Majin matter slowly grows soft and
Fixed in position and steadily
Teasing a burst of all tangled
But my mind must be destined to
Catch this collapse as soot fills my lungs.

I meant to catch my breath instead.

Fumbled thoughts hang by a thinning thread,
while neural remedies dangle me.
My presence
is a canopy.
Initiating a severance
to slice through to my sanity.
She cries, "act as my Tangerine🍊,
that's all I ever asked!"
I left us in reverse,
and repeated the past.

I've pa**ed that.

I experience,
I remember,
I understand,
I perceive.
What I give, I shall receive...
and we have so much left to gain.

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