Ghost – Dance Macabre remix Lyrics

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5229 Cornell Ave El Paso, TX 79924's Michael Joseph Miller #KrillWhites


Right now

Letting you know

I'm not

Playing around

With these

Out of control


Right now

In the hood

All around

Letting y'all

Know the deal

What I'm about

You know what's up


Man I don't play

Gotta let y'all know
What I'm about

Telling all of you

What it is

Right now

And I don't mess around

I'm a let

Y'all in the hood

Know what's up

Know what's good

Everybody man

In the trap

You know

The deal
Where I'm at

And I'm never gonna play

I'm killing all of y'all

You knowing what I'm bout

I always gotta ball

I'm letting all of these

Haters know what's up


In the club

In the hood


What's good

I don't play around

You know what I'm bout

Straight up

I represent

It's everywhere

That's what it is

I'm over there

It's so legit

You know the deal

What I'm about

And I gotta tell

All of y'all

What it is

I represent

That's how it is

That's what I does

You know the deal



Don't ever play around

Letting all of y'all

In the hood

Know what's good

And it's understood

Right now

I want all of y'all

To go crazy

You know that we ball

Never playing around

I'm up in the town

Everybody all around

Y'all know

What it is

We in the town

We represent

Letting everyone

Know the deal

And I don't ever play around with these lames

Y'all know I never play around with none of y'all

Y'all already know

The deal

I straight up

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