Ghetto Fiction Lyrics

Quadir Lateef Lyrics

He died with a pocket full of money, mouth full of gold
A Condo on his wrist, bezel on froze if the good die young what happen to the OLD?
N***as snitching on they mommas what happen to the code?

You do dirt you get dirt that’s the rule right?
You bag dirt you sell dirt that’s the move right?
The school type they ain't never been the cool type
The cool type serving 20 years that’s what they do right?
You ain't hard cause you locked up
In a cell all scarred from a box cut
In a cell all day mail pop up ya best friend boning ya chick she all knocked up
Life pa**ing and you sitting in the f**king feds
Eyes twitching now you wishing you were drunk or dead
Little brother found shot, pump to his head
The only thing you taught him was to scrape hoes and get bread
Momma hates you cause he loved you
But you ain't love him you just love you
Cause everything you did was so other people can love you
Now you on the bottom bunk giving brain to that man above you


He died with brick in his trunk, Dutch full of Kush
A stash at his chick house with pills that he pushed
If the good die young what happen to the old
Its not the age it’s the pressure that make n***a fold

Big bank take little bank no account
Stack bank until you bankrupt NO amount
He can’t read but you best believe baby boy can count
You on point they don’t get the point now they pointing out

Reality of the fast life
Fast money, fast women that’s a fast night
In the grave he was a slave in his past life
Whipping raw bragging bout the broad he smashed last night

ALLAH forgives so I forgive too
Would you listen if I said I did a bid too?
Or Would you listen if I said im getting bread too?
Others rappers don't care what you been through
But I love you so I'm really trying to help

But it really don’t matter if you don’t really help your self
And its really really sad getting really bad
Got you talking of the phone on the other side of that gla**
He died with a daughter and a son, wife all alone
Trying to answer question like when daddy's coming home
They said the good die young but that ain't really true
How many brothers gotta died to make a better life for you?

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