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9th Prince Lyrics

Ey yo, I want all y'all n***as out there in this rap sh*t
Claiming y'all rappers
Y'all n***as ain't no f**king MCs
Know what I'm saying, son?
'Cause once you step into the chamber
'Cause we dealing with the 7th Chamber..

Ey yo; witness this homicide lyrical specialist
Once I slide on the set like Mt. Everest
Avalanches, causing total mayhem
In this rap industry, towards any non-descript rapper
Who has the strongest heart, and dares to challenge the God?
Dart for dart, that's the wrong move
Like one cat with a red shirt, stumbling upon
Ten cats with blue shirts, each one of 'em
Rugered out with clips filled to the brim with hollow points
'Cause I'm on some, f**k all y'all R&B artist-es
Thinking y'all MCs, y'all best to Run 4 Cover
And throw ya bulletproof helmets on ya head
Enough said..

I spit warfare, real sh*t n***as like to hear
Infrared from Ruthless, n***a, crack them beers
Twist the 'dro, put the clip in the fo'
C*ck it back, put one in the head, these n***as don't know?
Then let 'em know how we coming
Deep, we keep shook n***as running
You cowards is afraid of my power, ain't holding nothing
Lemme show you something 'bout this rap sh*t
First of all if you ain't spitting acid, you going backwards
These B*st*rds attack sh*t, fabulous, fatherless
Marvelous, Shaolin n***as from stomping with
Killarm' T.M.F. connect with Ruthless
Challenge new generation, n***a, we the best
We out for this cheddar cheese
You better freeze if we enemies
If ya life's on the line you better squeeze
Yo I'm telling these wannabes, about the rules
Come out ya shoes, we ain't got nothing to lose

Ey yo; I floss like a red Porsche beamin' in the sunset
You made a dumb bet f**king with these young vets
Who bumped heads with the hardest and build with the smartest
Five artists, you can't do nothing to part us
N***as is garbage, that need to get bagged up
'Cause their style's ragged up looking like sad pups
You'll be jacked up, leakin' with your eyes half shut
'Til you had enough 'cause f**king with us is bad luck
The temptation of pu**y be hard to pa** up
So before I slide in I test the cat and strap up
Is there a question? You gotta ask us
Don't be afraid, but on my behalf you're getting played
And where you was at, you should've stayed
Now you search for aid, no one to save you
And all your so-called men betrayed you
They wanting to talk and work deals under the table
Pa**ing 'em CREAM, gold watches and large cables
They snaked you, like the serpent
Turn the lights off and close the curtain
Selling their soul to a merchant
I got n***as, scared to meet me in person
Searching, like the Internet, I got 'em surfing

Now Born, Port Richmond, Killah Hill
Stapleton, West Brighton, Jungle Nillz
In Shaolin we keep it real
Sh*t is getting deep, reach for steel
We going all out, do what you feel

I stick and move, move and stick with n***as
If it's real I click with n***as
Laying all the fifth with n***as, sick of n***as
Simple licking and squeeze faster than with triggers
Double dare any n***as, cross me and my city slickers
Petty pocket pickers rocking n***as
Quick to throw a rock at the b*t*hes
Trying to c*ck-block my riches on a hot block with snitches
Still getting dough, still getting hated on the low
Still doing sticks with Sideshow, eyes low from hydro
Drive slow, beasts on our tail, rain, sleet or hail
Catch me on these cold streets stackin' for bail
N***as is lacking the real so I brought the hostility
Better off killing me then trying to send me back to a cell

Ey yo; thugs with rubber grips and hollow joints
Sharp lead that fled through your pressure points
Celebrity Death Match, we out like an axe
Being swung by a serial killer maniac
Poetry brainiac, project hoodrats
They kill to hear my album
Black dust will get you blast
Then throw on a ski mask and rob street's asylum
9th Prince, y'all n***as can't solve him
These 9 Fingers of Death'll be the answer to your problems
My roof is like an infrared, I'm hostile
No Smiles, dogs growl when they're on trial
Rhymes travel 23 million square miles
Mad razor blades, throwing switchblades that'll cut you a fade
Lyrical maze, MC's lost for days
Within the 9th Chamber, another Wu banger
For all my Killah Hillside stranglers

Now Born, Port Richmond, Killah Hill
Stapleton, West Brighton, Jungle Nillz
In Shaolin we keep it real
Sh*t is getting deep, reach for steel
We going all out, do what you feel

Tommy Whispers, n***a
Word is bond, come on!
Revenge of the 9 Fingers
God, The Chamber continues
Word up
Everything is Everything
God be the King
This Shaolin sh*t is forever!

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