Geembo’s Theme Lyrics

Q-Unique Lyrics

"Geembo, before you leave our village..."
"Yes oh great one.."
"Dont Interrupt me! *slaps*
"To make your quest for hip hop easier, take this"

I get open smoking suckers yoking others
Arsonists burn
Study potent quotent lyrics
Follow comprehend It's D-Stroy's turn
Stroy, slap a man from here to Amsterdam until this track's the jam
Cause that's the master plan
You know I have to slam out in Pakistan
Make your crew say "Who's that rapper, damn!?!"
Being bitter cause I'm b***er but he shouldn't be your main concern
Versitile the style is wild so chile we constantly unadjourned
Me, See, D, Be, feeling this by the wilderness
We ??? for unique force chief I'm that nice
You can't slap twice who the guy you despise ultilize its true we rise
To the top, crews we rock ASF
Magnificent and different
I'm sent to prove we a tight crew
I get open smoking suckers, yoking, Hold on, that's Deva-Ju


*Mixing, then man sings
"If I should suddenly start to shine, spin on my head and kick a rhyme"*

Look at everywhere I see that MC's rapidly producing
While I'm choosing Pasadam
I scrape my raps on over shine and drag

I'm coming round the corner from across the border
Learned to read-a from the every-every day
To the t-typical it seems the full re-cipa-cipa-cal
I consider family but
*mumbling as he slows down and gets deeper then silence*

Gimmie the mic and I
Everyone like when I
Start from Point A graph the intention of man woman and child man
Love its state elevate many a mind state
So, you, see, That I come some of that other
Split the shee-da-shee I split the shee-da *rambles off*

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